A Little About Us

The Basics

FCC O’Neill is an independent Christian Church associated with the Restoration Movement (Stone-Campbell tradition). 

For a brief overview of our beliefs, head over to our Beliefs page.

Brief History

The story of the First Christian Church in O’Neill, Nebraska, is really a story of two separate congregations. The earliest effort to establish a congregation of this fellowship in this area took place in the summer of 1946. The first services began in the “Pleasant Valley’ church building in the Paddock Township of Holt County, Nebraska. Later meetings were held in the “Agee School House”.


Men who were instrumental in these meetings were Remi Duhon and Clair Utterback. Later the first evangelistic meetings were held in the “Joy Schoolhouse” with O. Mackameyer. Records show that during the winter of 1948-49 the roads were so completely blocked with snow that the young congregation found that it was impossible to meet from mid-November until late April. In the spring of 1949, work was begun on a church structure in O’Neill and this basement structure was dedicated in May of 1950. The congregation soon constructed a parsonage on the adjacent property.


Ministers who served the congregation through the years include Remi Duhon, Clair Utterback, John Thomas, Rex James, Clyde Gulickson and Bob Granger. This congregation merged with First Christian Church in March of 1967.


The congregation of First Christian Church began with home meetings of interested families. After many months it was decided that a place of worship was needed and work began at 505 East Williams Street in 1958. Construction was done mostly by volunteer latbor. The first service was conducted in the basement of the building on May 20, 1962.


Ministers who have served through the years are Earl Mantor, John Epperson, George Weber, Glen Moorhead, Don Schoepf, Calvin Milan, James Gilmore, Jeff Langley, Dan Rowlison, Wes Thompson, David Martinez, and Joe Schneider.